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Petrol bomb thrown at Belfast police as they talked to children during Twelfth

By Staff Reporter

Police in west Belfast were attacked with a petrol bomb as they talked to young children during the Twelfth, it has emerged.

The PSNI said its neighbourhood patrol team in the Grosvenor area was talking to children and young people who had gathered in Lanark Way on Monday night when it happened.

“Unfortunately, after a peaceful and generally quiet evening some genius thought it would be a great idea to lob a petrol bomb at us despite the fact that we were standing among a crowd of people that included some very small children,” a PSNI spokesman posted on Facebook.

“The sheer recklessness of this frankly puts my head away. Why do some people think it’s acceptable to throw items such as this at another human being? Luckily it had not ignited properly and instead smashed on the ground without hitting anyone.”

Last night, PSNI officers found 16 petrol bombs in nearby Colinview Street.

“Needless to say these were stashed to be thrown at officers again,” the spokesman said.

“Have a think about what you are doing engaging in this type of behaviour. It can’t be stressed enough how dangerous this is.

“Are we really promoting a society where people are effectively trying to set light to police officers at their day’s work?”

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