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Petrol prices: Finally, it's a real price war between big stores

By Edmund King

A £50 cut to a two-car family's monthly petrol bill is a huge boost after more than five years of squeeze on the necessities of modern life, including fuel.

This week, a £1 litre has appeared over the horizon, although it's not guaranteed to appear in every town.

In fact, many rural towns would say that predictions of petrol at 99.9p a litre are a bad joke as they continue to struggle with the pump price lottery.

Even so, it has to be recognised that the supermarket price war that may have been a bit of a phoney in the past is a full-blooded fight now.

Certainly, drivers increasingly gave them the cold shoulder through 2014, mainly because price-matching across a locality takes away the incentive to go specifically to a supermarket for fuel - unless it has rock-bottom prices.

  • Edmund King is President of the AA

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