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PFNI calls for implementation of pay rise for PSNI officers

By Claire Williamson

Police officers in Northern Ireland are still waiting for an agreements on a pay rise to be implemented by the Department of Justice, the PFNI has said.

The Chair of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland Mark Lindsay, said officers were merely asking for what was recommended earlier this year by the independent pay review body (PRRB).

The PFNI, which represents the PSNI's rank-and-file, on Thursday said the recommendations can be signed off by the Department of Justice.

He said: "Officers were merely asking for what was recommended earlier this year by the independent pay review body (PRRB).

Mr Lindsay said: “There is no impediment or blockage to getting this long-running pay issue resolved. We know the Department of Justice has autonomy here and can sign off on the recommendations.

“It should be done as a matter of urgency and not put on the long finger. The pay recommendations were made before the Summer and it’s unacceptable that months on, there is still no movement.

“Other public sector workers are having their pay increase dealt with, but Police pay appears to be left to gather dust in the departmental in-tray. 

Mr Lindsay continued: “It’s time this was sorted out. Officers should have had the increase in their September pay, and now it’s virtually certain it will be delayed until well into the new year.

“The local pay award should at least be in line with what was awarded in England and Wales, and we would contend that the Department of Justice also needs to ensure that the recommendations of the independent pay review body (PRRB) are implemented in full.

“Officers are long overdue what will no doubt be a meagre increase and it’s about time the Department realised that simple fact and took the appropriate action. The PSNI have confirmed affordability and have offered no impediment to the award being made and indeed backdated to September 1.

“There is understandable annoyance and frustration being felt by my members. Put simply, they want to know when the pay increase will appear in their pay packets along with some reasonable explanation for the delay in implementing the recommendations of the pay review body.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said: “The Department is assessing the implications of the pay policy for 2017/18 in the context of the report and recommendations made by the Police Remuneration Review Body in relation to PSNI officers in the federated and superintending ranks.

“The Department of Justice recognises the important work of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and will continue to liaise with the appropriate representative bodies on the issue.”

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