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Phenomenal response to Tele writer Suzanne's Hawe column

This is the comment piece that got the world talking. Belfast Telegraph journalist Suzanne Breen's words in yesterday's edition questioning why Alan Hawe, who killed his wife and children, was treated so gently by the media was viewed over a million times.

Warm tributes to Hawe were reported across Ireland while there was less mention of his wife and sons. Suzanne responded writing: "Stop making excuses for Alan Hawe. He killed three sons and wife with hatchet and knives."

She also did not mince her words when she queried why it took days for a photograph of Clodagh to be published. "We have been told old Ireland is dead. But the response to mass murder in a sleepy community shows misogyny is alive and kicking," she wrote.

It sparked scores of emails from readers praising Suzanne for speaking out, including one who wrote: "I was sick reading how good a man he was. Well done to you Suzanne for having the courage to call it as it is.

Suzanne said: "I wrote the column because I was appalled that a mass murderer was being eulogised in the media and portrayed as a grand fellow who made one slip-up.

"The phenomenal response to the column shows how out of touch much of the mainstream media was with public opinion on this one.

"Good, decent men and women won't tolerate excuses for what Hawe did, and are disgusted at all the fawning over him."

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