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Philippa Reynolds death: Two men jailed after car crashed into police vehicle in Londonderry

Two men have been jailed over the death of a young police officer who was killed when a stolen car smashed into a vehicle in Londonderry.

Constable Philippa Reynolds (27) was killed in the collision in February last year.

On Tuesday, Shane Christopher Frane (26) - who had been driving the stolen car which crashed into the police vehicle - was sentenced to at least six years in jail for manslaughter

Conor Clarence, a 24-year-old passenger in the car, will serve 21 months in prison for other offences.

Ms Reynolds was a passenger in the police car which was struck by a Toyota Land Cruiser at the Dales Corner junction in the Waterside area in the early hours of February 9.

Shane Christopher Frane - originally from Limerick and with an address at the Simon Community hostel - pleaded guilty to eight offences.

Conor Clarence - with an address given as the Simon Community - pleaded guilty to the theft of a vehicle and allowing himself to be carried in a stolen vehicle that was involved in a crash.

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