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Philippa Reynolds' father hails police

By Alan Erwin

The father of PSNI officer Philippa Reynolds who was killed by a stolen car in Londonderry has called on the legal system to "take its course" after one of the men in the vehicle was found guilty of further offences.

Conor Clarence (25) of Church Hill Road, Ballykelly, was fined £500 when he admitted possessing amphetamines and ecstasy in Limavady on May 6.

He was returned to jail awaiting a Department of Justice decision over whether his bail should be revoked.

Philippa's father Mervyn was informed by police in advance of Clarence's latest court appearance. He said his family has been provided with information and support by the PSNI throughout the investigation and in all subsequent legal proceedings. The Reynolds family wanted to stress that at no stage had family members been critical of any police actions and have regularly expressed gratitude for the professionalism and dedication of the officers involved.

Clarence was jailed for 21 months in February 2014 after he pleaded guilty to stealing a 4x4 vehicle and of allowing himself to be carried as a passenger in a stolen vehicle.

The Toyota Landcruiser was driven at 80mph before it collided with an unmarked police car in the early hours of February 9, 2013, killing Constable Reynolds.

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