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Photographer loses livelihood after gear stolen during flag protest

By Lisa Smyth

A photographer in Northern Ireland to cover the flag protests has lost his livelihood after camera gear worth £8,500 was stolen by a man armed with a knife.

Joel Goodman (36) was in Newtownabbey covering the unrest on Friday night when he and two other members of the Press were approached by a masked man.

He threatened Mr Goodman with a knife before escaping with a range of camera equipment.

Speaking from his home in Manchester, Mr Goodman explained: “We were walking down Station Road away from the protests and we noticed there were three people behind us.

“We were tired and drenched and probably not on our guard and when we about parallel with Whiteabbey Station this guy jumped out in front of us.

“He had a six inch knife in one hand and the sheath of the knife in the other and he told me to give him my cameras.

“It all happened so fast I don’t think I was really scared. I think if I had been more scared I might have fought back.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to replace the camera gear and I have had to borrow some from a friend for work in the meantime,” said Mr Goodman.

“At first I thought it was just a normal robbery but now I am starting to think the cameras were stolen because of pictures I had been taking.

“I’m just hoping they turn up somewhere with the memory cards missing.”

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