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Pictured: Anger after defibrillator is vandalised in Belfast

By Steven Alexander

A funeral director who introduced life-saving equipment outside his business has hit out after a newly-installed defibrillator was vandalised in east Belfast.

Andrew Crymble (35) said the man who damaged the unit's box on the Woodstock Road had put lives at risk.

Although the defibrillator itself was not damaged, the glass front of the box containing it was smashed, meaning it had to be removed until repairs are carried out. The unit had only been installed a week ago. Andrew was in Downpatrick at the time, but actually witnessed the vandalism taking place in broad daylight yesterday afternoon, as his CCTV system allows him to view images remotely.

The defibrillator - which delivers an electric shock to someone suffering a heart attack - cost £800 and its housing another £500.

"But the cost is not important - if it saves one life, it's worth every penny," Andrew told the Belfast Telegraph.

He added that it would be back up and running soon. "God forbid if someone took a heart attack, as this is the only one on the Woodstock Road."

Andrew is part of the family firm David Crymble & Sons Funeral Directors, and after they opened new premises in October, decided they wanted to put something back into the community.

"I had a friend whose brother died a few weeks ago of cardiac arrest, and this doubly confirmed to me that I had to put the defibrillator outside the office," he added.

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