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Pictured: Giant disco ball appears in Belfast field

By Brett Campbell

A Belfast author was left baffled on Tuesday after he stumbled upon "a bizarre sight" during a relaxing drive in the countryside.

Jim Deeds was compelled to hit the brakes and take a photo when "the most random thing glittering in the sun" caught his eye in a field near Hannahstown, on the outskirts of Belfast.

"I thought it was some new genius device being used by farmers, but it turned out to be a giant disco ball just sitting in an empty field," he said.

Mr Deeds took to Twitter to ask if anyone could provide a plausible explanation, but to no avail.

"My favourite theory is that it's a UFO but my own assumption is that some cows were boogying on down to the 'moosic' on New year's Eve and took a few days to clean up," he joked.

However he conceded that fly-tippers were likely responsible for the peculiar sighting.

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