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Pictured: Man hospitalised after swarm of bees overcome car in 'buzzare' incident

A police sting operation went a little different to their usual operations after a man was hurt needing hospital treatment after his car was overcome by a swarm of bees.

The man - a beekeeper - was transporting the insects through Lurgan when some managed to get loose.

"Thankfully the driver is fine," said police.

"Our guys...bumbled on down once it was reported and secured it until an expert, Mr P Bear, arrived to sort it out. This madman has the testicular fortitude of a Grizzly bear, and calmly suited up before getting IN to the car...and driving it off.

"We're honey combing the area for clues..."

Two bee, or not two bee... No. About two HUNDRED bees actually. Last night, a bee keeper was transporting some winged...

Posted by PSNI Craigavon on Saturday, May 19, 2018

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