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Piggy in the middle of the road... drivers left startled by lost porker

The piglet which was found wandering in the dark in Magherafelt
The piglet which was found wandering in the dark in Magherafelt
The piglet which was found wandering in the dark in Magherafelt
Mark Bain

By Mark Bain

Police are appealing for the owner of a lost piglet to come forward after it was found wandering in the dark along a main road in Magherafelt.

The baby pig was discovered on the Tobermore Road at about 1am yesterday.

Photographer Martin McKenna from Maghera was returning from work when another driver flashed him down and he posted dashcam footage of the rescue on social media yesterday.

Mr McKenna's car slowed and the disorientated piglet can be seen wandering aimlessly across the road between passing cars before Martin pulled over and managed to catch her and put her in the boot of his car.

The whole incident was captured on his car's dash cam.

"We gave him an escort with hazard lights then I put him in the boot. I'm glad we rescued him as he would not have survived on that road," Martin wrote on Facebook.

"I was coming back from a photoshoot late last night and saw a car flashing its lights on the Tobermore to Maghera road trying to get my attention.

"I slowed down wondering what was going on, maybe they had car trouble? Nope, turned out there was a cute baby pig in the middle of the road!

"It was obviously lost and walked up and down the white lines grunting away in the headlights.

"We followed it up the road with our hazard lights on to warn other road users.

"We didn't want it to get killed or a driver killed taking evasive action in the last minute so I grabbed the piglet and put it in the boot of the other car and we took him off the road and called the PSNI.)

"Thankfully a patrol car arrived on the scene and after a bit of laughing from us all they took the pig off our hands to take care of him. Thanks very much to the officers for helping out. Not something I see often when out shooting the night sky lol."

After rescuing the piglet he handed it over to his local PSNI station and officers in Cookstown have appealed for its owners to come forward.

"Cows and sheep on the road are a common shout, but piglets... not so much," a PSNI spokesperson said.

"With ears like that, pigs really could fly! This little one was rescued by a kind member of the public on the Tobermore Road and police would like to identify the owner to return her home.

"Contact police on 101 quoting serial 71 of 5/9/2019."

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