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Pig's head left at home of boss at Quinn Holdings

By Staff Reporter

A pig's head has been left outside the home of a senior member of Quinn Industrial Holdings Limited in Fermanagh as part of a campaign of intimidation against the management team.

The sinister twist is understood to have caused considerable shock to the individual and his family. It came amid renewed calls for the PSNI to reveal what it is doing to combat the ongoing problems.

There have been several incidents at the firm once owned by discharged bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn in recent months, including death threats, acts of sabotage, discovery of bullets, chilling notes and signs warning executives such as Liam McCaffrey they "face the gun".

Last week, the owner of a crane hire company was forced to remove his equipment from a wind farm once owned by the Quinn Group before it was "burnt to the ground."

Sinn Fein's Sean Lynch condemned the incident. "Those responsible are seeking to cause fear and intimidation, and the local community rejects those involved," he said. "This is unacceptable and no workers should be under such threats."

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott added: "I am keen to establish what action the PSNI has taken so far. I would be very interested to know how many arrests and charges there have been in relation to these incidents. I plan to meet police to discuss my concerns."

In a statement last Thursday, Sean Quinn said he had "always criticised the intimidation". "However, I am but one voice and feel that other people that operate within this community should play their par," he added.

As a power battle rages within Quinn Industrial Holdings Limited, Mr Quinn has for the first time publicly confirmed he is trying to regain control of his former company.

"It is no secret that I am engaged in commercial discussions with the US investor group that acquired the Quinn Group in late 2014, and that this process involves the Quinn Business Retention Company and the group's management team," he said. "The discussions with the group are private and confidential, however I can confirm that they have been constructive and are ongoing."

As a bitter dispute between Mr Quinn and the management of his former company continued, he added that while he has differences of opinion with them on business matters, he believed those differences "can be resolved through the commercial discussions, which are ongoing."

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