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Pilates craze sweeping BBC Broadcasting House in Belfast, says Nolan

Stephen Nolan
Stephen Nolan

The BBC Northern Ireland newsroom is full of people saying they cannot do a shift because they are "doing pilates", according to Stephen Nolan.

The Radio Ulster host said on Tuesday morning that Broadcasting House in Belfast has been hit by the pilates craze- a form of exercise like yoga which aims to improve core strength.

Nolan joked: "Pilates. I don't even know what pilates are. It is the new BBC thing now, they are all running around impressing each other. They used to say 'I am going for a cup of coffee' now they are saying 'I am going to pilates'.

"That BBC Northern Ireland Newsroom is full of 'I am going to pilates... I am sorry, I cannot do that shift tomorrow, I am going to pilates'.

"You think to yourself, what are you talking about? What are pilates? I don't even know what pilates is and the BBC is now full of pilate goers."

Nolan even said the BBC is having a "pilates day" at Broadcasting House.

The radio host has been shedding the pounds himself, losing more than five stone in recent months.

Maybe Nolan will be next to take up the pilates craze at Broadcasting House?

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