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Planning fee hike for developments

Planning fees for large developments in Northern Ireland are to go up under newly-published draft proposals.

The fee structure will be made simpler and more transparent, said Environment Minister Edwin Poots said. Costs will fall for most seeking single houses.

Smaller developments currently attract disproportionately higher fees than more complex projects which take more work.

Mr Poots said on Monday: "The proposals I am launching today will end the current situation whereby the costs of processing planning applications for the very largest and most complex developments are subsidised by fees from smaller developments and by the taxpayer.

"They will also benefit applicants by making the fee structure simpler and more transparent.

"I intend to make the system fairer by relating the fee charged to the scale and complexity of the development proposal."

It costs £651 at present for planning permission for one house.

The DoE has published the proposals for consultation.


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