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Plaque honour for nine men

The Ulster History Circle (UHC) has been awarded £6,300 by Belfast City Council (BCC) for the installation of blue plaques at various locations throughout the city.

The UHC is a small, voluntary, non profit organisation that places commemorative plaques in public places all over the province, in honour of men and women who have contributed to the history of Northern Ireland.

Belfast City Council’s Development Committee agreed the funding for nine plaques at a recent meeting.

Among those being honoured by a blue plaque are Francis Joy, newspaper proprietor and entrepreneur, William Rodgers, broadcaster and poet and The Maritime Club, the location of the birth of the Blues in Belfast.

Also being honoured are James Bryce, academic and diplomat, Sir Joseph Larmour, academic and politician, Thomas Russell, united Irishman and librarian, Frances Joseph Bigger, archaeologist and librarian, Mercy Hunter, calligrapher and designer and Patrick Neill and James Blow, both printers.

Speaking to The CT Sean Nolan, honorary secretary of UHC, said: “BCC has been most supportive of the work of the UHC as has the NI Heritage Lottery Fund.

“Our members are all volunteers and we are dependent on individuals, organisations and district councils to support us with funding as well.

“The plaques remind viewers of them of men and women from across Northern Ireland who were distinguished in many different fields.”

Since the first plaque was unveiled a total of 115 individuals have been honoured.

Various people have been awarded the blue plaque honour in the past, including Thomas Andrews, creator of the Titanic and author C.S. Lewis.

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