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Players hope darts skills bag a bullseye in world record attempt

Northern Irish darts player Daryl Gurney is part of a team aiming to break a darts world record to complete a game of 1,000,001 in the least number of darts.

The non-stop marathon event at The Weigh-Inn Bar in Omagh this weekend is expected to last around 35 hours from Friday afternoon to late Saturday night.

The eight-man team aims to beat the world record set in 1991 in a Boston pub, which took 36,582 darts to complete the game.

Neechy Donnelly, who owns the pub with his brother, said the darts team have “a big challenge” but they are “all pumped up for it”.

“There have been quite a few attempts to beat the 1991 record,” Neechy said.

“The average score for three darts was 82 — we have to try and beat that which is a pretty hard task, given that a semi-professional player would score 85 to 90. But we have a good team lined up, some of whom would be well-recognised by darts fans.”

Daryl Gurney (23), from Londonderry, competed in the Lakeside World Championship in Surrey last January and reached the quarter-finals of the Scottish Open two years ago.

Another team member, Felix McBrearty, from Dromore, Co Tyrone, has also played in the Professional Darts Corporation’s world championship.

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