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Plush tent 'too dear to hire at £4k'

By Donna Deeney

A luxury marquee paid for by a Government department for use in deprived areas of Londonderry costs around £4,000 to hire and is totally inappropriate for use by community groups, it has been claimed.

The opulent structure comes complete with chandeliers, drapes and wooden flooring, but it is this grandeur that is proving a deterrent and it has yet to be hired. Linda Watson, a community worker at Caw/Nelson Drive, inquired about the marquee for a bonfire diversionary event on July 11.

She said: "This marquee is truly beautiful inside. But even if we could afford the hire costs quoted of £4,000 – which we can't – we would be too scared to use it in case it got damaged."

The new marquee was included in the Department of Culture's legacy plan for Derry following the City of Culture celebrations.

Councillor Drew Thompson, who sits on the board of the Waterside Area Partnership, said questions need to be asked about the marquee in the Assembly.

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