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PM: seized Libya assets won’t go to IRA victims

Campaigners have been left disappointed after David Cameron refused to use seized Libyan assets to compensate victims of Colonel Gaddafi-funded IRA terrorism.

They told the Prime Minister he would never be in a stronger position and urged him to use the cash as a bargaining chip to gain a deal from whoever succeeds the dictator.

DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds had called on Mr Cameron to hand over Gaddafi's cash to the families whose loved-ones were killed by bombs funded by his regime.

Willie Frazer, from Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (FAIR), said America had “looked after its people” and it was now the ideal time for the UK Government to do the same.

He added: “He is in an ideal position as he has assets to |negotiate with Libya over. It is better that the compensation comes directly from Libya but, if not, we hold their cash.

“If David Cameron helps people here hold Libya to account it would go a long way in helping the peace process.

“It is not about compensation, it's about justice.”

Mr Cameron said the Libyan people should be allowed to determine their own future and |he ruled out using £1bn of Gaddafi's assets, frozen by the Treasury, to pay compensation to the victims of the IRA.

He said the fortune belongs to the Libyan people.

Mr Cameron said: “It's an ingenious idea to use frozen assets in this way. I have to say, having sought advice, that those |assets do belong to the Libyan people.”

Mr Dodds raised the proposals during Prime Minister’s Questions.

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