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Poet to lead the way on Belfast peace line in bid to 'heal' scars of the Troubles

Public called to attend gathering at church on Newtownards Road

By Leona O'Neill

It is one of the most notorious hotspots in Northern Ireland - but one woman is asking the public to bring stones to an east Belfast peace line for a reason other than rioting.

Poet and spiritual healer Deirdre Cartmill (49) is calling on the public to join her on the Newtownards Road tomorrow evening to help send positive energy and healing into the area that suffered a lot during the Troubles.

She is asking people to bring along a stone to place in a special formation to reflect the good intentions of all those present.

"This is really a gathering of people of all beliefs and no beliefs near the peace line to send positive energy and healing into the area.

"I really want people to sit together for half an hour in silence," she said.

"Each individual can choose to meditate, pray, send positive intentions, to visualise and send out love, whatever they want to do."

Deirdre said she felt compelled to act after feeling the heaviness of bad energy that she says gathers around areas of Northern Ireland that have been impacted by great tragedy.

"We have made some great stretches forward here in Northern Ireland and have made a fantastic transformation in recent years," she said.

"But I believe there's still almost this heaviness in the air, something haunting is there.

"So it was after experiencing that a few times that I felt I wanted to change it somehow, to make that final shift and final healing.

"I feel a lot of emotional stress is still inside people's hearts and that is maybe still in the heart of the area.

"That is why I chose the title As My Stone Hearts Beats for this event," she added.

Visual artist Bronagh Lawson will be guiding people as they shape and create the stones pattern, and artist Michelle Grattan and poet Maria McManus will be on hand to help and inspire.

The event will take place tomorrow evening between 7pm and 9pm at St Martin's Church (deconsecrated) at 88 Newtownards Road.

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