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Police appeal for domestic abuse victims to speak out

The Police have stepped up their campaign to encourage domestic abuse victims to report it.

Chief Inspector Yvonne Davidson said the number of recorded incidents had fallen this year. In East Belfast there were 654 incidents between April and September compared to 711 over the same period last year.

In north Belfast the figure was 956, down from 979; in south Belfast, 380 down from 415, and in west Belfast, down from 691 to 679.

“Our research indicates that incidents of domestic abuse rise at holiday times and a large number of these crimes still go unreported. It is vitally important that people are aware they no longer have to endure abuse, that there is support for them and a means through the law to address the situation they are in,” she said.

"The Police Service is committed to working with partners and victims to prevent and detect domestic abuse. We want to see those responsible for such crimes brought to justice. We must all work to stop this."

The 24-hour Domestic Abuse helpline phone number is 0800 917 1414.

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