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Police appeal on spate of Londonderry burglaries

By Eamonn MacDermott

The PSNI is appealing for information about a series of weekend burglaries in the Londonderry area that saw homes broken into and lead flashing stolen.

A police spokesman said two houses at Brewster Close off William Street were entered on Saturday night or early on Sunday.

Car keys were taken from one house and used to unlock a car, from which a sum of money was stolen. Money was also stolen from a nearby house.

Detectives appealed for people in the city to lock their doors at night and remove money or valuables from cars. Meanwhile, police are also seeking information about a burglary at Newbuildings.

A commercial building at Victoria Road was broken into on Saturday night and a winch from a tow truck stolen.

Police also made an appeal for information about the theft of lead flashing from a school in Eglinton.

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