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Police attacked after hoax alerts

Police dealing with a security alert in Lurgan have come under petrol bomb attack from rioters.

Officers fired a baton round and said they struck a rioter on the leg after police were targeted by gangs throwing petrol bombs, paint bombs and other missiles.

They had been called to the area of Lake Street and Antrim Road in the Armagh town to investigate what proved to be hoax bomb alerts.

Six police vehicles were damaged during the disturbances, but no police officers were seriously injured.

Chief Inspector Ken Mawhinney said: "My officers came under sustained and heavy attack, with missiles, fireworks, and a substantial amount of petrol bombs and paint bombs thrown at them.

"It is our belief that the hoax was an effort to entice officers into the area to attack the service the community tell us they want."

A railway line which forms part of the main Belfast-Dublin route was closed because of debris on the tracks.


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