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Police begin dig in effort to find body of murdered Lisa Dorrian

By Nevin Farrell

Specialist search teams equipped with high-tech equipment will move in today in a bid to end the 11-year agony of the family of missing Bangor woman Lisa Dorrian.

Lisa was 25 when she disappeared on February 28, 2005, and police believe she was murdered. Her body has never been found.

Today a renewed bid to find her remains will involve dozens of officers using equipment which can detect what is under the ground.

Officers will move in to electronically map land in north Down ahead of digging for her body.

Detectives sanctioned the search after receiving detailed information from criminal sources about where the shop worker may have been buried by her killers.

"It will be a specific area of land in north Down and will involve substantial resources, personnel and equipment," a source told Sunday Life newspaper.

The investigation into Lisa's disappearance and murder has been substantial. It has involved more than 4,000 witnesses, the taking of statements from more than 570 people and more than 270 searches, over 190 of them in caravans and outbuildings.

There have also been several arrests on suspicion of murder, and a number of others for unrelated drugs offences.

Details about the renewed searches for Lisa came after a gun attack on the home of the elderly mother of convicted killer Jimmy Seales. A shot was fired through the window of 86-year-old Agnes Seales' house in Comber earlier this month.

Last year her son, in an interview with the Sunday Life, claimed to know the location of Lisa's body.

Speaking to a prison friend, he said: "The drug dealers who shot up my mother's house are part of the same gang that killed Lisa Dorrian. They don't want me telling the police what I know about where the girl is buried."

Lisa went missing after a party at a caravan park in Ballyhalbert.

She is believed to have been struck with a baseball bat by drug dealers who demanded money from her.

It is also believed they did not mean to kill her, and in a state of panic bundled her body into the boot of a car and buried her.

Tragically, Lisa's mum Pat (59) passed away at the end of last year without seeing her daughter's body returned.

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