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Police campaign highlights domestic violence

By Brendan McDaid

Police in Limavady today launched a new campaign to highlight domestic violence within the local community.

As part of a new advertising campaign, leaflets, beer mats and posters will be distributed in pubs, clubs and off-licences in the area carrying the message that alcohol is no excuse for domestic abuse.

The telephone number of the national helpline will also be made available along with contact details for local agencies that provide help for victims.

Domestic violence liaison officer Pamela Gregory said: "Violence of any nature is unacceptable, however, domestic violence victims often feel that they are somehow responsible for the actions of their abusers.

"Alcohol can often be a factor in these situations, but it is never an excuse.

"We want to encourage people to report any incidences of domestic abuse, whatever the circumstances. When an incident is reported to us it is investigated and, where criminal offences have been committed, officers will take positive action."

Ms Gregory said addressing the issue required the backing of the local community.

She added: "I am pleased to say we have the support of the local District Policing Partnership and Foyle Women's Aid."

Diane Cooke, from Foyle Women's Aid, said: "We respond to requests for information and support from anyone who has an experience of abuse or is concerned about their safety.

"Any woman or family member can contact our service, which is confidential, and meet with our locally based support worker to discuss their situation. The number is 7776 9331 [office hours]."

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