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Police come under attack after approaching mob of 150 youths

Police have appealed to parents to keep a closer watch on their children after officers in Lurgan came under attack when approaching a group of around 150 youths.

The incident happened on Saturday night on the Portadown Road in Lurgan, when officers from the PSNI's neighbourhood team attempted to approach the crowd at the subway area.

Individuals within the crowd, some of which were believed to be 13 or even younger, threw stones and bottles at police.

Writing on PSNI Craigavon's Facebook page, a PSNI spokesperson said: "The chucking continued into residential areas of Shankill estate, showing how much some of your little cherubs care about houses, cars and people.

"Residents there have been tormented there for a while, and it seems to be coming to a head again."

They added the local PSNI district does not have the resources to arrest the entire crowd of young people, but advised parents to be aware of where their children are.

"If your child is out tonight and you don't know where they are or what they're up to, you could well be one of several who gets a follow up knock on the door from us," the spokesperson said.

"It could be words of advice, it could be being reported to the courts, it could even be arrest."

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