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Police discover prescription drugs stashed in Lurgan graveyard

Police have slammed “low life” drug dealers after discovering a stash of prescription medication buried in a graveyard in Lurgan.

The pills were discovered by officers searching the St Coleman’s cemetery, close to where police discovered weapons linked to dissident republicans two weeks ago.

Writing on the PSNI’s Craigavon Facebook page, an officer said: “Criminals, in this instance drug dealers, will stoop to the lowest levels in order to further their gains.

“Just a couple of weeks ago we saw a terrorist pipe bomb near a nursery school. Now, little over 500 meters away, we find another deadly stash hidden where families are at their most vulnerable.

“The locals will recognise this spot at the back of St Colemans cemetery.

"For those who don’t, to get to where this was found you walk through the cemetery itself.

Police found the drugs stashed in St Coleman's Cemetery in Lurgan. Credit: PSNI

"To call it `disrespectful`doesn’t come close to covering the lack of humanity, lack of respect and care for the community, and complete selfishness that the low life’s who deal these pills have shown here.”

Some of the pills found were heart medications used to lower heart rate and blood pressure, which if abused, can be fatal.

The officer added: “Drug dealers are still operating in our area. We’ve had some good successes recently but more is needed.

"That’s not just our job, it’s yours too.

"People frequently tell us that the dogs on the street know who’s dealing. That’s great, but even our PDs can’t translate for us.

"If you see someone you know is a dealer lurking somewhere you find suspicious, or in a new vehicle, or going back and forward between a particular spot in a hedge for example...we need to know about it.”

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