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Police fears over lethal 'legal high'

A so-called legal high being sold across shop counters in Northern Ireland contains a potentially deadly class A drug, police have said.

The product, Ocean Snow, has been bought by young people in “head shops”.

Police said tests on samples seized in Belfast had found the controlled Class A drug PMMA (p-methoxymethylamphetamine).

They said PMMA is linked to a number of deaths in Europe.

Detective Inspector Andy Dunlop of the PSNI's Organised Crime Branch warned that anyone found with the drug faces prosecution.

“As well as this substance being seriously detrimental to health, a prosecution will result in a criminal record,” he said.

“Anyone convicted of supplying a Class A controlled drug can expect to face up to life imprisonment.”

Police said they had carried out two searches in Belfast city centre and seized a number of items.

The Organised Crime Branch said it welcomed any information in relation to the supply of the drug. Officers can be contacted on 084 5600 8000.

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