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Police find rocket launcher and replica handgun in Co Antrim

A rocket launcher and other suspected terrorist-related items have been found in Co Antrim.

The viable improvised launcher was found at the Budore Road in Dundrod.

Police believed the suspected dissident republican weapon had been there for almost a month.

During further searches police found a bag in a nearby ditch that contained a replica handgun and other articles that could be of use to terrorists.

A security alert was triggered in the area on Sunday evening when police were made aware of the launcher.

Detective Inspector David Lowans, from the Police Service of Northern Ireland's Serious Crime Branch, said: "Our investigation is at an early stage, however we now believe that the improvised rocket launcher has been in the Budore Road area for between three to four weeks.

"We have also established the launcher was viable, which demonstrates that whoever left it there had no regard for who might come across it.

"During further searches on Monday, officers found a bag in a ditch less than 40 metres away from the rocket launcher which contained a replica pistol, baseball bat, hammer and gloves.

"While I am not able to link the finds at this stage, they both bear all the hallmarks of dissident republicans and this is a strong line of enquiry."

Police were engaged in further searches in the area on Tuesday. Officers have appealed for anyone who noticed anything suspicious to come forward.


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