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Police free man quizzed over ex-IRA chief killing

By David Young, PA

A man arrested by detectives investigating the murder of a former IRA commander in Belfast has been released.

Gerard "Jock" Davison (47) was shot dead in the Markets area in May.

The involvement of Provisional IRA members in a subsequent killing, believed to be in revenge for Mr Davison's murder, has sparked a political crisis at Stormont.

Ex-IRA man and father-of-nine Kevin McGuigan (53) was gunned down in the Short Strand two weeks ago. McGuigan was suspected of involvement in the Davison killing.

The two former IRA men had been engaged in a bitter personal feud dating back years. The PSNI questioned the 28-year-old suspect throughout yesterday in connection with the "overall investigation" into the murder of Davison. He was released without charge.

A PSNI assessment that not only were PIRA members involved in the McGuigan murder, but structures of the supposedly defunct organisation still exist, is threatening to bring down the Stormont government.

The Ulster Unionist Party is set to resign from the Executive next week, claiming the revelations have shattered trust in Sinn Fein.

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