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Police get stuck in the mud while chasing suspects in Belfast Park

Police got stuck in the mud while chasing two suspects through Ormeau Park in Belfast.

Officers were responding to a report that two men were breaking into a car off the Ormeau Road on Friday afternoon

They made off with some property belonging to the owner of the vehicle.

The men ran into the park with the officers in hot pursuit but their police car  got stuck in the mud.

Posting on the PSNI east Belfast Facebook page, an officer wrote: "Sadly, we learnt the hard way that cars and soft wet grass don't mix, and, well, we got stuck. Very stuck.

"Thankfully, four members of the public stopped with us to tend to our bruised egos and helped push us out of the mud and get us back on the road.

"Sadly, I didn't get your names, but hopefully you will see this message.

"You stopped in the pouring rain and gave us maximum effort meaning that our car, and more importantly, our crew, were back on the road and able to continue responding to calls.

"Without your help we would have needed a recovery truck which would have taken considerably longer.

"Whilst stuck in the mud we managed to locate some of the vehicle owners property which had been discarded nearby. Our hunt for the offenders continues."

Police have asked that anyone who was in Ormeau Park area between 3.30pm and 4pm and saw two men wearing tracksuits with dark hoodies, one of which carrying a red rucksack, to contact officers on 101.

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