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Police helicopter attacked during missing person searches


The PSNI helicopter was attacked.

The PSNI helicopter was attacked.

The PSNI helicopter was attacked.

The police helicopter, while assisting a search for a missing person, was attacked a laser pen.

It happened in the north Belfast area, police air support said in the early hours of Wednesday as they assisted officers from the west of the city in their search.

Police visited an address and an arrest was made.

"He will be interviewed and most likely have a court date soon," said police.

The Police Federation - which represents the PSNI's rank and file - slammed the behaviour as "unbelievably dangerous" saying it put the lives of officers and the public at risk.

"Great air to ground comms which have led to the arrest of a male suspect," the organisation added in a tweet.

It an offence under the Air Navigation Order to endanger aircraft and those involved could face charges of possessing a dangerous weapon.

Police have previously said laser pen attacks on aircraft could be catastrophic as it could cause injury or a loss of vision to pilots.

The missing person was later found.

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