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Police investigate picture of girl with anti-Catholic slur painted on face

By Colin Francis

The PSNI has confirmed it is investigating a picture that apparently shows a five-year-old girl with a sectarian slogan painted across her face.

The image, which has been seen extensively online, shows the girl at a Twelfth of July gathering with KAT painted on her forehead in red, white and blue.

KAT is an abbreviation of the anti-Catholic slur 'Kill All Taigs', widely seen as sectarian graffiti in many hardline loyalist areas.

The PSNI said it was investigating the matter after a report following its appearance and its widespread sharing on social media.

A PSNI statement said: "Police have received a report, enquiries will be carried out to establish if any offences have been committed."

The girl's mother has been reported as saying that she hadn't seen the facepaint before it was done.

She said youngsters were responsible and were only recreating what they had seen.

"A load of the kids got the paints and wrote it.

"The children see it all the time sprayed all over the walls in the area."

Young girl (5) has sectarian slogan painted on face: Police investigating image showing child with anti-Catholic slur 

It's not clear where the child is from or who took the picture and posted it online.

Alliance Party MP for East Belfast Naomi Long called the incident "utterly depressing and shocking".

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