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Police investigating 'obscene' republican snowman image in Northern Ireland shop window

Police are investigating after a dissident republicans displayed snowmen armed with a rocket launcher and the message: 'Wishing you an explosive Christmas' in the window of its Londonderry headquarters.

DUP MP Gregory Campbell described it as "a highly offensive display which will be condemned by all right-thinking people".

Anti-agreement republicans this week completed the painting in the window of Junior McDaid House, where the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association is based.

The building also houses the dissident republican political party Saoradh and the youth group Eistigi Doire. It is named after IRA member James 'Junior' McDaid, who was shot dead by the British Army in 1972.

Police in Strand Road said they have been made aware of a window display.

Superintendent Gordon McCalmont said: “The Police Service of Northern Ireland recognise the hurt and offence caused by this window display. We are currently investigating and assessing the matter.”

Mr Campbell said: "Most people look on Christmas as a family time and republicans are equating it with terrorism."

"An image of snowmen with a rocket launcher to mark the season of peace and goodwill borders on the obscene."

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