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Police issue alert over cash scam used by fraudsters

By Staff Reporter

Police are advising businesspeople across Northern Ireland to be on their guard against a confusion scam operated by people seeking to change quantities of money.

Chief Inspector Mark McClarence said several incidents have been reported in the north coast area and police believe it could occur in other places too.

"In the instances reported to us, staff of business premises, including supermarkets, have been asked to change amounts of money into notes of different denominations. The fraudsters then get the staff confused and use sleight of hand to seize money belonging to the business," he said.

"We are advising all businesspeople to be on the alert. Carefully count any money that is offered to you and keep it in your possession. If the 'customer' claims to have changed his mind and asks for the original notes back, insist on getting your money before agreeing.

"Shopkeepers could also decide not to offer money-changing services to people they do not know - leave that to the banks."

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