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Police look for lead as Coco the chihuahua is dognapped

A reward has been offered for the return of a pint-sized dog who has been dognapped — for a second time.

Coco, a miniature chihuahua, vanished from his Northern Ireland home nearly two weeks ago and is believed to have been brought south of the border.

Yesterday his heartbroken owners offered a €1,000 reward for the return of the tiny dog.

Gerry Ledwith made a heart-rending plea for the return of Coco for the sake of his wife Liana's health. Coco is also sorely missed by the couple's three sons — who are aged between five and 22 — from their home in Tobermore Park, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

Eldest son Mario said the family believes the dog is hidden somewhere in the Republic because a woman saw him being snatched from the street. The witness said the dog was placed in a southern-registered car in a lane of traffic that leads out of Enniskillen towards Sligo.

“Unfortunately the lady didn't get the number of the car except that it had a southern reg,” said Mario.

“We're hoping people in Sligo may spot Coco but we realise it's possible that the dognapper could have later turned on to the Cavan and Dublin road.”

Gerry had Coco in his car when conducting business in Enniskillen on August 4, and he fears the dog slipped out of the car when he opened a door while parked.

“He is such a loveable little character. My wife suffers from depression and it's a heartless thing to have snatched the dog,” he said.

Four-year-old Coco is 12 inches long and eight inches high, has stand-up ears, a tall curly tail and white socks and paws.

He disappeared almost two years ago in Enniskillen when a shopper — who was driving a southern reg car — took him.

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