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Police officer comes to aid of cow to help it give birth

By Staff Reporter

A policeman has been praised for being outstanding in his field after he helped a cow give birth.

The Fermanagh officer was on patrol in Florencecourt when he spotted the animal in difficulty.

"The eagle-eyed constable with the sergeant spotted it and pointed it out," the PSNI Fermanagh Facebook page revealed.

"Our sergeant, never leaving a female in distress, jumped out to the cow's aid and helped deliver the calf."

After some suggested it was a 'cop and bull' story and he should pull the udder one, the officer said if his post got 100 likes, he would put up photographic evidence that the long arm of the law had been put to good use.

Proving he had no beef with the detractors, here is the picture.

And a second photograph appeared to show mother and calf doing well.

Many lauded the officer for getting so hands-on.

Debbie Brown wrote: "Excellent work.

"Many would have turned a blind eye to an animal in distress so I applaud you."

And Macleod Flora Macleod added: "An example of a person going the extra mile.

"Beyond the call of duty well done you."

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