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Police officer hit with brick during disorder in east Belfast on Saturday

A police officer was injured as youths threw missiles at each other during disorder in east Belfast on Saturday night.

The officer was struck in the face with a brick when police attended reports of anti-social behaviour in the Grand Parade area shortly before 10.30pm.

Groups of youths were reportedly throwing stones at each other when the brick smashed through the window of a police vehicle and hit the officer.

He received medical attention for facial injuries which are not believed to be life threatening.

Other cars on the road are also understood to have been damaged.

Duty Officer Detective Chief Inspector Colin Gillis said: "I would say to young people in the area that they should be very aware of the potential danger that they are putting other people in.

“They might think that it is just fooling around, but they should know that we are taking the incident seriously and a criminal record is a distinct possibility for anyone involved.

He added: "Parents undoubtedly have a key role to play here as well. They should speak to their children and make them aware of the danger of getting caught up in criminal behaviour. Police will enforce the law when criminal or anti-social behaviour is detected and a criminal record seriously effects life choices, including employment choices, travel options and future education.”

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