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Police officer is disciplined after car near-collision in Belfast city centre

By Michael McHugh

A police officer has been disciplined after a near-collision with a motorist in Belfast city centre.

A member of the public was forced to do an emergency stop to avoid a PSNI vehicle which had gone through red traffic lights, the Police Ombudsman's office said.

The Ombudsman said: "In this case, the Ombudsman believed the officer approached the junction too fast and did not stop before proceeding through, almost causing a collision with the car.

"It was also noted that he was not providing an emergency response to a call during the time."

CCTV footage was viewed by investigators. The car belonging to the member of the public was seen to proceed through a green light across the junction at the same time as the police car emerged from the opposite junction. The motorist's car was then seen to brake hard to avoid a collision.

The policeman denied driving dangerously but admitted momentarily misjudging the other vehicle's speed.

He was subjected to a disciplinary sanction by the PSNI following a recommendation by the Ombudsman.

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