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Police officers cleared of withholding medication from assault suspect

The Police Ombudsman has cleared police officers and custody officers of withholding medication from a man arrested for assault.

The incident happened in April of this year after the complainant was arrested in Belfast.

The man claimed his medication was withheld by police and custody officers, and that once it was given to him he received the wrong dosage and was not given adequate refreshments.

He also claimed he was detained for an unreasonable length of time.

After examining relevant documentation including custody and medical records his claim was rejected.

It was found he had been seen by a doctor on three occasions at the request of police and medication had been given as per the doctor's instructions.

Custody records also showed that the man had been given water when required and had refused food when it was offered to him.

The man's claims he was held for longer than necessary was also unsupported as investigators found his detention was necessary to advance the assault investigation.

It was found the man was detained lawfully and his welfare requirements were adhered to in accordance with the PSNI's Codes of Practice, and no failures of duty were identified.

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