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Police officers raid house over otter killed by snare

By Allan Preston

A house has been searched in the Antrim area by police in connection with the discovery of an otter carcass on the banks of the Sixmilewater River at Dunadry.

The animal, which is a protected species, was found dead on Sunday with the jaws of a trap around its neck.

It was confirmed that police seized several items from the house for further examination, and that a 65-year-old man would be interviewed in connection with the incident at a later date.

The trap had been left openly on the riverbank, suggesting there was a deliberate attempt to target the otter.

Chief Inspector John Allen warned: "Those who intentionally kill, injure or disturb protected wild animals need to be aware that they face the very real potential of being brought to justice."

The otter was discovered by concerned members of the Antrim and District Angling Association, who posted the disturbing pictures on their Facebook page, attracting 10,000 views in just 12 hours.

Although clamp traps are allowed in certain circumstances, Mr Allen said he believed that the way this trap was set was highly illegal.

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