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Police prevent suicide after concerning Snapchat post

Police officers have prevented the suicide of a person after a member of the public spotted a concerning message on Snapchat.

Police said the call from the member of the public had saved the life of the individual, with officers arriving to help the person "at the last minute".

Posting on the PSNI's Craigavon Facebook page, an officer said: "Were it not for that call, we would today be dealing with a fatality.

"The worrying thing in all of this is that we only got one call.

"The person that called us barely even knew the person. At an early stage, we believe that the message sent, which was quite clearly a suicide note, was seen by dozens of people.

"Only one picked up the phone, and that person only heard about it 3rd hand.

"We need, as a society, to start taking mental health and indeed all matters that require urgent attention more seriously.

"Whether it be a suicidal person, a burglarly in progress, an ongoing drug deal- so often we hear about these things after the fact. For a burglary, ok, people won't necessarily die, but if someone is suicidal...? Your delay could cost a life.

"I've heard the line, 'It's not my business to get involved in'. If it were your family, you'd give your house for someone to make it their business if it meant saving a life, so treat others as you would like to be treated yourself."

There was widespread praise for the actions of the caller and the officers who saved the person's life.

One woman posted: "Well done to the officers involved I'm sure it affects them after this, thankfully they were able to save a life.

"Whoever reported it is a special person too. I hope the poor soul will receive the help they need and hopefully get better. Hats off to all involved with saving a life."

Samaritans offer free help through its helpline on 116 123 or email by

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