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Police probe after family's pet cat is found with gunshot wound in neck

By Laura Abernethy

Police are investigating after a cat was shot in the neck in Newtownards.

The pet went missing from its home in the town on September 9. It was found five days later in a neighbour's garden with wounds to its neck.

It is believed that the cat may have been shot in Scrabo Country Park.

It was taken to a veterinary practice for treatment, where it was discovered that the wounds were caused by a shot.

The PSNI said yesterday officers were treating the incident as animal cruelty and appealed for information.

Andrea Meeke, who runs a Lost and Found Pets page for the north Down, Comber, Ards and Dundonald area, said she would be contacted with a report of a cat being shot or injured every couple of months.

She said: "It seems to be just the Ards area with us and it seems to be every couple of months there is a cat being shot.

"We've had cats go missing and come back the same day injured or be found injured on the same day. There was one about six or seven weeks ago which one of the local vets dealt with, it had about 40 or 50 pellets in it.

"It was very lucky to survive."

In June, a cat called Mila belonging to the Sheppard family was shot with a pellet gun in Newtownards. The 11-month-old kitten required surgery to repair two puncture wounds in her abdomen and one in her tail.

Lauren Sheppard it was a "horrible act" but Mila has recovered. She added: "We are so very glad and feeling very lucky to have Mila back."

Councillor Jimmy Menagh said: "I completely condemn this attack. It's animal cruelty."

Police appealed for anyone with information to contact them at Newtownards Police Station on 101.

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