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Police probe video showing sickening attack on a puppy

By Donna Deeney

A sick attack on a puppy filmed on video and posted on a social networking site is being probed by police.

The PSNI in Co Londonderry has confirmed it is investigating the video posted on Facebook in which an unidentified male is seen committing an act of extreme cruelty on a young dog.

The shocking video clip shows the person strangling the puppy before throwing it to the ground and stamping on it.

It's believed it originated somewhere in the Limavady area.

It has since been removed from the internet after a police request.

The founder of an animal charity has said that an ever-increasing number of shocking and depraved videos will show similar extreme cruelty to animals unless the courts get tough with the perpetrators.

Helen Davis from the Rainbow Rehoming Centre in Eglinton made her prediction after being told of the disturbing clip.

She told the Belfast Telegraph that such films were a worrying trend that is sadly becoming all too familiar to those engaged in animal protection.

She said: "This type of sick behaviour, where people take to social media to boast about the levels of depravity they have reached, is becoming a regular occurrence.

"Just this week I saw a video of a Staffordshire bull terrier, which had been hog-tied and was being spit-roasted over a fire, and just when you think it can't get worse it does.

"I am glad the police in Limavady are investigating the origins of this latest video and I understand it was barbaric, to say the least.

"I hope that they find the person responsible for carrying out this dreadful deed on the young pup, but it is not enough for the police to do their job, the courts must support the police and get tough on the perpetrators.

"Last year the police successfully brought a woman from Limavady to court on charges of animal cruelty and she was found guilty, but she walked out of the courtroom with a suspended sentence.

"This is sending a message to the individuals who carry out such extremely cruel acts on animals that they can do what they like because there is little or no penalty to pay.

"Until things change within the judicial system, the number of these disgusting videos appearing on social media will only increase."

Sergeant Ian Hunt from Limavady said: "A video has been doing the rounds on Facebook in the Limavady area in relation to an incident of animal cruelty.

"This is a video of an incident that happened in December and was reported to the police at the time.

"We would like to assure everyone that the matter is being dealt with by the relevant authorities."

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