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Police probing attack by masked gang on homes


An attack on two houses in a Co Antrim town by masked men wielding hammers has sparked fears of more violence.

During the attack in Larne yesterday morning, the windows and doors of houses in Herbert Avenue and Newington Avenue were smashed.

The two houses are situated in an area commonly known as Boyne Square, and are less than two minutes' walk from each other.

The occupants of both homes are understood to be young men in their 20s who live alone. Both escaped without injury.

DUP councillor Bobby McKee said: "It's been quite calm of late in the area and it's just disappointing that this is a thing that has taken place, because I thought we were past all that."

Locals described the area as "close-knit", they also said that it was a place where "everyone knows each other".

Mr McKee said: "I would not think it was a sectarian attack.

"But it was quite traumatic for those involved."

Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the attacks to contact them.

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