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Police rule out probe into UUP adviser Brian Crowe

By Lisa Smyth

Police have ruled out an investigation into the sex for access scandal that hit Stormont last week after a meeting with the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL).

Ulster Unionist special adviser Dr Brian Crowe was sacked by his boss, DEL minister Danny Kennedy, last Thursday within hours of this newspaper revealing his sordid comments on an internet chatroom.

The married father-of-two, from Lisburn, boasted to a female lobbyist on a chatroom about abusing his position in return for sexual favours.

The Belfast Telegraph spent two months investigating the 40-year-old's activities on UK and photographed him meeting the lobbyist after an arrangement was made via the chatroom and his mobile phone.

In one transcript, which the Belfast Telegraph obtained, the lobbyist asked: “If I was looking access to DK (Danny Kennedy) would my chances increase if I had sex with you? Be honest.”

He replied: “Yes.”

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