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Police seize drugs and ski masks... but don't mention paramilitary material

By Jonathan Bell

Police have seized - what looks like - Loyalist paramilitary material, but are refusing to say so.

On Thursday the PSNI's Newtownabbey Facebook page reported a drugs seizure in the Craigyhill area of Larne following the search of a house. They also said ski masks were found.

However, alongside the post was a picture which showed what looked like UDA and UFF flags in evidence bags.

"Now we're no experts but we don't think those masks were for ski season," the post said.

"Then our peelers noses' twitched and we followed the scent where we found some "green plant material", also known as cannabis. It wasn't on the warrant but guess what...we took it anyway."

They ended the post with #didn'tfindanyskis.

The post, however, did not mention what the other material seized were or elaborate on the nature of the warrant that was executed.

The PSNI's press office said no further details of what was seized were available other than what was on the Facebook posting.

A comment on the Facebook posting, asking if the officers could elaborate on the seizure, was removed. When asked why that comment was removed it was then reinstated and the second question removed.

There has so far been no response as yet.

L District Antrim and Newtownabbey District Support Team assisted colleagues in Larne this week when we carried out a...

Posted by PSNI Newtownabbey on Thursday, July 13, 2017

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