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Police staff cleared over claim woman was stripped

By Lesley-Anne McKeown

Allegations that police officers stripped and assaulted a female prisoner in Londonderry have been rejected by a watchdog.

The Police Ombudsman found no evidence of misconduct by officers or staff during the woman's detention at Strand Road station last December.

The woman claimed police failed to take her to hospital after a seizure and did not provide her medical records for a subsequent court appearance.

However, audio and video footage from the custody suite showed she had not been assaulted, as alleged. Instead, the Ombudsman found staff intervened when the woman removed items of clothing and attempted to use them to inflict self-harm.

Evidence also showed that police had kept the woman under constant observation during her period in custody, and ensured she was seen by a doctor after she reported suffering a seizure.

In addition, the investigator found that there had been no obligation on police to supply the court with the woman's medical records.

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