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Police stop and search 80 people a day in Northern Ireland

By Jonathan Bell

New figures released by the police show that almost 7,500 people were stopped and searched by officers within a three month period this year.

Between April 1 to June 30, 7,431 people were stopped and searched, equating to over 80 people a day.

And of those thousands stopped only 537 or 7% were arrested.

People can be stopped and searched or stopped and questioned under various laws in in Northern Ireland. Powers include the Police and Criminal Evidence order, Misuse of Drugs Act, Firearms Order, Justice and Security Act and the Terrorism Act.

Most of those stopped were in Belfast at the time. Over 1,000 were aged under 17 with most questioned under the misuse of drugs. While just over 3,000 were aged between 18 and 25.

The majority - 59% - of all stops were for suspicion of drugs offences.

Compared to the previous quarter there were 923 fewer people stopped. During that period between January and March 6% were arrested.

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