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Police to spend more time on beat

Police officers will spend an extra half hour of each shift on the beat under new targets to make the PSNI more visible on the streets.

Policemen and women will also be given more discretion to resolve low level incidents on the spot rather than resort to the courts as part of the Policing Board's improvement goals for the next three years.

The independent oversight body's Policing Plan 2011-2014 has been agreed in conjunction with Chief Constable Matt Baggott and Justice Minister David Ford.

The targets laid out in the document aim to deliver a more effective service throughout Northern Ireland.

Acting board chairman Brian Rea said the plan fell under three key policing objectives: personal policing - dealing with local concerns; professional policing - delivering an excellent service; and protective policing - tackling serious harm.

"There continues to be a focus on personal policing and targets reflect issues such as burglary and anti-social behaviour," he said.

"There are also targets relating to reducing the number of allegations of incivility made against the police and increasing the amount of time spent by officers on patrol."

The plan was published only days after the board agreed the PSNI's new 10-year Policing with the Community strategy.

Mr Rea said a key part of the Policing Plan would deliver the implementation of the strategy.

"Policing with the community is essential to police service delivery and to reflect this a target has been set to ensure progress is made in implementing the Policing with the Community Strategy 2020," he said.


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