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Police urge snake owner to bail out lost reptile

By Christine Carrigan

It was one of the more unusual callouts the PSNI has received.

A member of the public rang bemused officers on Sunday to report a 3.5-inch long corn snake roaming the streets of Portadown.

The reptile was found in  Portmore Street, and now police are urging local snake owners to check their collections to ensure they’re not missing a pet.

The PSNI Craigavon Facebook page released details of the bizarre call and joked: “If everyone would like to panic in an orderly manner...

“Once that’s done, if you can do a head count of your snake collection, or tag anyone you know who may be a snake owner in the Portmore Street area of Portadown.”

Residents were reassured that the reptile was not dangerous.

The PSNI officer who released the details said police had been told that  it may be a corn snake variant, which is “non-venomous and targets rodents”.

This is not the first time the officer had to respond to a reptile call.

He revealed that in 2013 he was tasked to recapture another slippery customer.

The officer explained: “It’s a good job I wasn’t sent to this. I’ve had one snake call, back in 2013. I summoned my inner Steve Irwin, grabbed it behind the head and put it in a pillow case. Into the dark, instantly calm.”

The owner of the snake has not yet come forward.

The officer added: “If this is yours, it’s being looked after by the aforementioned knowledgeable man.“

Police urged the owner to come forward.

The officer added: “Phone us on 101, reference number 938 of 23/07/17. We’d be happy to reunite you .”

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